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We have received a new query under CSR, from Uday Shankar

As a lay person trying to dabble with accountability issues which should be the concern of one and all engaged in development action, I seek clarifications on :
1. All most all the Corporate (Industrial/business) units, have their own guidelines and MOU / accounting formats developed under the guidance of their respective CSR/ finance/audit wings. Yes, they are receptive to innovative ideas related to tax avoidance and are probably willing to incorporate into their formats.
Did any Corporate group express the need for such manuals/guidelines/accounting formats? NGOs require such manuals in the light of the mandatory/statutory CSR obligations to be fulfilled by Companies vide the recent amendment to the Companies Act.
2. Is it not advisable not to use the word “contract” even under grants/donations?
3. Just as TDS could be avoided under grants / donations ( local), the same logic holds good in matters of unspent grant amounts / donations (local / foreign?) at the end of the financial year – escapes from the limits to amounts of balances to be carried forward and tax implications, if any, vide new FCRA guidelines /IT/DTC. Is it not ?

Looking forward to your response.
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