Dear SRRF members,
We have received a new query under FCRA, from B V Soma Sastry

” I have two questions:

  1. Can grants be given from utilization FC account?
  2. Do we have to send the bank statements of the utilization accounts along with FC-6?”

Looking forward to your response.

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2 Responses to Query-FCRA

  1. Sujatha Sunil says:

    Dear SRRF Members,

    AS per my view,

    1. The Grant should be given from the main FCRA Bank Account not from the Utilization account.

    2. Only main FCRA Bank account is need to check the grant/donation receipt. But for checking closing bank balance, the utilization bank account statements also need. So as per my view it is necessary to submit bank statement of main Bank and utilization bank.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sujatha Sunil

  2. Valan Caritas says:

    Dear Members,


    1.FCRA grant can give from Main account approved by the Ministry. Utilization account only for implement the projects.

    2.It is not necessary.


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