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How CSR Defines Normal Course of Business?‎

Dear Members Greetings for the day!‎ May I invite comments on the clause for CSR ACTIVITIES as per CSR Rules 2014 para 4(1) under Sec 135 ‎of the Companies Act, 2013, “The CSR activities shall be undertaken by the company, … Continue reading

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No GST on religious, yoga or meditation programme by such ‎registered organisation

Ministry of Finance has come out with a Circular (No. 66/40/2018) dt 26 Sep ‎‎2018 stating that entity registered under S.12AA for the purposes of ‎advancement of spirituality, religious activities or yoga’ would not be subjected ‎to GST on any … Continue reading

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Is it possible for NGO to open branch office outside India

Dear Members, Is it possible for a Trust (NGO) to open a branch office outside India, If required modification can be done in Trust deed? We can take assumption that we’ll not use any funds raised in India for that … Continue reading

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CSR Literature

Dear Members, Greetings..!! Can you suggest me any article/sample audit/annual report explaining the 1) CSR Budgeting 2) CSR Financial Expenditure when an Implementing Agency is involved in CSR Policy. PS: Please suggest at earliest. I am aware of 2% expenditure … Continue reading

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Bank Refuses to credit FD amount to FCRA Account

Dear Members, Good Morning I have a query that if any NGO who received Foreign dontion from their foreign donor to their FCRA account (XYZ bank). With that donation they prepared fixed deposits. But now they want to utilize that … Continue reading

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Corpus Donation

Sir, I had read in one of your answers that under CSR cos can donate to corpus fund ? is it true?Under what section of the act ?whatever details we can get from your forum we will like others will … Continue reading

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Can Prior Permission money come in installments or it has to come at one go?‎

Hello, We are a registered public charitable trust based at vadodara, Gujarat. We are established with a purpose of financing education of economically backward children who wish to study. We have already sponsored college education of 3 girl child to … Continue reading

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Can a religious organization receive funds for social activities?‎

Dear Sir,‎ We have an FCRA registration in the name of Seminary Council Baptist Theological Seminary. ‎We got renewal certificate. In the certificate, it is mentioned nature of association as Religious, ‎but in the renewal application (FC-3) we had applied … Continue reading

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Consultancy by FCRA Registered organization to Non-FC NGOs

Dear Friends,‎ Season’s Greetings from Hyderabad!‎ Please clarify latest position on FCRA certified NGOs giving consultancy contracts / paying ‎service/consultancy fee to non-FCRA certified NGOs.‎ For ready reference: ” any fee / consultancy charge out of foreign funds received by … Continue reading

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Hefty Compounding Fees under FCRA

FCRA Dept, has recently come out with a Gazette Notification No. SO 2291 (E) dated 5 June 2018, which has completely revamped the compounding penalties under FCRA Act 2010, superseding earlier two Notifications (SO 1976(E) dt 26th Aug 2011 and … Continue reading

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