9th ASER Report – Lessons to be learnt ……..(3)

It is good to see a lot of interest in this series on ASER Report, as evidenced by a number of responses to earlier two posts. In today’s post certain pertinent issues are highlighted on lessons to be learnt from the report.

  • Decline in the learning standards has become a consistent trend and there is a need to go deeper in the reasons for the same to take corrective actions. Obviously teachers are not able to get their students to learn, one needs to go into the reasons.

–  Are they overburdened by the heavy syllabus required under RTE, thus focus has shifted from learning to completion of syllabus ?

–   Has Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) format under RTE, where no child can be detailed till VIII, is affecting the learning by the children ?

  • Another important aspect one learns from this Survey is that enrolment in private schools is rising. All India : 29% (2006: 18.7%). Manipur & Kerala have more than 2/3rd in private schools. Is learning level in private schools better. Data in the report seems to suggest so, in 2010, 33.2% children in class III studying in Govt schools could subtract, compared to 47.8% in private schools. However in 2013 the gap has widened with only 18.9% in Govt school compared to 44.6% in private school. Question one could raise is spending on Infrastructure helping learning?

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