Is the cash payments limit of Rs.10,000 applicable from April 2017

Dear SRRF Members,

As per finance Act 2017 Limit for payment of expenses by cash is reduced from

Rs. 20,000 to 10,000/-. When from will this 10,000 limit apply? Is it from 1st April 2017?


Vidya Sagar Devabhaktuni
President, SKG Sangha
“Mandara” 3rd Main,
Muneshwara Nagar
Antharagange Road
KOLAR – 563 101

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Payment of salaries to staff working out side India for organization

How to pay the salaries to staff who are working in foreign for our organization? What are taxes ‎applicable to them? Kindly guide us.‎

General Secretary ‎

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Updation FCRA information on website

We were happy to come across your site giving helpful clarifications to various queries. The service you are thus providing is really appreciable. Thank you very much.
In a clarification dated Feb 6, 2016, there was a mention that for NGOs not having their own websites, the FCRA department would soon be finalising a link. Could you please confirm if there is any progress in this regard.
Thanks once again.
Raju Kurian
MG Charitable Society
Kochi – 683503
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How do we settle advances of staff in FCRA?

How do we settle advances of staff in FCRA?

We have a vehicle revolving fund from a FC donor, where an advance is given for vehicle to staff and they repay in installments.

When we deposited in the FCRA receipt bank account the bank refuses to credit the same even after explaining the situation.

Thomas Mathews

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Payment to a foreigner in foreign currency towards consultancy

Dear Members

I would like to know the possibility of making a payment to a Foregin
National (after entering into a written agreement) in Foregin currency
to his foreign bank account (the account is in UK) and he will be here
in india for a short period. During the period, he will explore his
expertise of a particular job. The amount is approx 4500 usd.

My question in this context, Is it permissible under FCRA?
If, it is not permissible under FCRA, can I make payment from Local Fund?

Kindly forgive me writing directly to you as I couldn’t find a link to
post questions on your website or blog.

Mathew Jose

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Sale of assets acquired under FCRA Fund

To my professional knowledge assets\immovable property acquired under
fcra money in India by a charitable company could be sold only with
RBI permission and could be deposited \shown in fcra account.

Kindly give reply.

Isaiah Sundar Singh

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Considering widespread likely impact of GST, legal provisions, rules and available circulars were studied to understand its applicability for NGOs. While one cannot say that GST is applicable to GST per se, simply because there is no blanket exemption to GST to any organization. However one should look at this question, from the point of services NGOs undertake and if these are likely to be taxable.


GST constitutes of three components, CGST, SGST (incl. UTGST) and IGST. As the acronyms suggest Central GST represents Central Goods & Services Tax Act 2017, SGST & UTGST represent individual states’ & Union Territories’ GST Acts. IGST or Integrated Goods & Services Tax Act 2017 represents GST on Interstate sales. The legislations of central & states have been drafted on Model GST laws and are generally…..(Click here for complete article)

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place,
New Delhi – 110008

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Report – Legal Compliance Workshop for NGOs 24 August 2017

Legal Compliance Workshop for NGOs
[Thursday, 24th August 2017, Lecture Room- 1, IIC (Annexe), 40 Max Mueller Marg, N. Delhi – 3]

Dear Friends with a special Hello to all the Participants who attended the workshop, which was one of the most interactive workshop organized by SRRF so far. Credit for this goes to all the participants, who engaged the faculty and remained focused throughout the day. Through this communication we share feedback given by you.

The Feedback forms have been compiled and collated. There were 41 participants, 49% of whom have given their feedback. Feedback required scoring for each session as well as for overall workshop. The feedback gives score of 92% for the overall workshop. A chart of session-wise results is given below.

Following suggestion received by participants on various topics:

Particulars Suggestions
Please tell us how to further improve? Any specific suggestion for improvement? –        If all topics needs to be covered the training can be for more than a day.
–        Place water bottles on the desk
SRRF Comment: While we thank you for your suggestions, however the plastic bottle is not very environment friendly and so far we have avoided it. Water is always available just outside the hall.
–        Practical example to improve the knowledge
–        More clarity from Government
–        Very well structured & it is also always a privilege to come and attend such esteemed speakers.
–        Could take fewer topics to stick to timeline.
–        Time management can be looked at
SRRF Comment: We always keep it in mind, however our effort is to solve issues raised, hence sometime discussions can be a bit longer. Our overall aim is to cover all the topics in the day itself.
–        Can take more Q & A
SRRF Comment: Effort is always to have an interactive ‎workshop. All the questions raised ‎during the day were taken up.‎
Please suggest topics for any other events that you would like SRRF to Organise. –        A session on Sub grants to Partners
–        More on GST
–        All GST sections
–        NGO Management Systems in Place
Would you like this program to be replicated in any other state, if Yes please indicate. Mumbai, Kerala

We have already uploaded the presentations of the workshop at our website including snaps. Please visit SRRF website to get access to the same.

We have also uploaded the snaps of the participants on SRRF facebook page.

Once again I thank you on behalf of SRRF, on being part of a wonderful and learning ‘Legal Compliance for NGOs’ workshop.

With warm regards

Ramanuj Maurya
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place,
New Delhi – 110008

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Rejection of 80G on non charitable services

There are cases of rejections of 80G applications on the grounds that preservation of environment including watershed, forests and wildlife does not come under charitable services.

C Udayashankar


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Filing of Return under Lokayukt if FC Funds received more than 10 Lakhs

Please suggest us if we received FC funds more than 10 Lakhs in a year. Should we file under Lokayukt?

Hemal Kamat

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