Volunteers on tourist VISA not allowed Entry

Chennai immigration officials have not allowed a team of 19 UK citizens (16 ‎students & 3 children) entry in the country. The group was part of a ‎programme under which UK children support underprivileged children, ‎through monetary and ‘in kind’ donations and also interacting with children ‎through painting murals & other constructive work for about a day. Their other ‎part of activities included sight-seeing in the city and nearby villages. ‎

However immigration authorities decided that this was working in the NGO ‎and their tourist visa, which the group was holding, did not allow the same. ‎They deported the entire group. ‎

Infact this has implications for a number of NGOs, whose programmes often ‎include visits / internship / exchange programmes by foreigners in their field ‎areas. ‎

India basically has issues tourist visa, business visa & Employment visa. A ‎person who comes to India to work for an NGO needs to apply for an ‎Employment Visa, even if it is on honorary basis. ‎

In the present case, where idea was for UK school children to interact with ‎children at a children’s Home, it seems to be a case of overkill, but is a lesson ‎for all NGOs to be careful when inviting foreigners at their offices / workplace. ‎
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)‎
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New Delhi – 110008‎

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Show Cause Notice issued to 5922, NGOs could lose their FCRA Registration ‎

FCRA Department has issued show cause notice to 5922 NGOs on 8th July 2017, who have not ‎submitted their FCRA return for asking to why their FCRA Registration should not be cancelled. Please ‎visit the following ling for list of all the NGOs:‎

https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/PDF_Doc/Show_Cause_List_08072017.pdf ‎

Please check this list. In case your name appears on the list, file the missing annual returns ‎immediately and also send a letter to MHA explaining why the return was missing. You have to sent ‎your reply at following email-address before 22nd July 2017: ‎


In case no replies are received by 22nd July, the Department will cancel your FCRA registration. ‎
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)‎
‎512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, ‎
New Delhi – 110008‎

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GST applicability to NGOs

Dear Members,

I would like to have detail report of your study and report on GST Applicability to NGOs.

As you are aware NGOs are receiving the Fund from Agencies as Grant/Services/ Consulatancy/ Royalty/ Training Programme Fees/Conference Participants Fee/ Rent of Property/Income from Infrastructure Facilities and from other Sale of Products & Publications.

NGOs are also availing the services from others and also paying for GST on purchase etc.

We would like to know the impact of GST on all above and the procedures to be followed to initiate the GST at NGOs level.

What are the exemptions category for NGOs.

Please do the needful share your expertise for the same.

With thanks & regards,

D.N. Surati
Chief Accounts Officer,
Nehru Foundation for Development,

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Applicability of Taxes on Taxi hiring

Dear Members,

I have a query on ST and VAT. We have hired a vendor for providing taxi services. It is purely on hire basis wherein the organization hires the taxis as per the requirements and clears the bills. There is no further committement. I would like to know the applicability of VAT, ST or both on such transactions.

Look forward to your responses.

Thanks and regards,

B V Soma Sastry

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Taxation on Grants/Services provided by foreign enterprises

Dear Sir,‎

I am by profession a Consultant , promote business venture in India. Enterprises from Italy has ‎business in India. Their question is as follows: ‎

A enterprise from abroad intend to have clarification:‎

Their Indian customers placed in Nashik near Mumbai has to pay to our (Italian ‎enterprise) associated company an installation service for a press machine in India. He ‎would reduce his payment for 15% for “tax service”.‎

They intend to know if this tax is due and if it has to be paid by the indian customer or by ‎the italian company. If the tax is due by the italian company it is possible to request the ‎remboursement of the tax?‎

and how the italian company can obtain it?‎

I request you to respond to this mail, with clarification. ‎

Dr.Pramod Kumar Verma
Resource Person to SEBI
& Director EDT. Saket

Economic Development Trust ‎

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Donation from US

Dear All,‎


Can a NGO receive donation of Rs.10,000/- in the form of a cheque from USA? The amount will be in ‎dollars…‎

Warm regards,‎

Asif Iqbal

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Comparison of CSR Implementation through a S.8 Co. / Society / Trust.‎

‎ ‎
Can u help with evaluation of the relative advantages / disadvantages of having CSR implemention ‎thru a Section 8 Company or Trust or Society
‎ ‎
GS Ahuja

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Updation of Bank Accounts on FCRA website before 22 June 2017

FCRA Dept has now issued yet another notification yesterday (7th June 2017) ‎see link https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/PDF_Doc/fc_Circular_07062017.pdf ‎stating that all NGOs must ensure that their latest Designated and Utilisation ‎accounts should be updated on the FCRA website. ‎

They have also published names of 2025 NGOs who they consider need to ‎update these details. Time given is 15 days. Following details of the bank ‎accounts should be updated. Please visit the link ‎https://fcraonline.nic.in/home/PDF_Doc/fc_list_07062017.pdf for the list of ‎organizations need to update their bank account.‎
• Name of the Bank
• Branch Code
• Account No.‎
• IFSC Code, etc.‎

Details have to be filled up online through Form FC6.‎

It may be a good idea, that all NGOs should check whether they are on this list, ‎if yes, update immediately. Even if not, suggest that ask your Accounts Dept. to ‎verify if all the accounts are updated with all the required details. In case there ‎are any gaps, say some utilization account details have not been given, it is a ‎good opportunity to update the same. ‎

It seems the purpose of this is to enable Banks to provide feedback within 48 ‎hours to MHA on movement of funds in FCRA accounts. ‎
Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)‎
‎512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, ‎
New Delhi – 110008‎

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How to file of FCRA annual return?

Sir ,

How to ngo fcra annual return Process Online . Please Full guided .

For It I shall be Much Obliged To You

Thanks and regards
Jyotindra Kumar
Sitamarhi Bihar

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FCRA Renewal : Latest Development

FCRA Dept has been going through a turbulent time as it reviews its internal practices. This is resulting in anxious times for a large number of NGOs whose renewal is still pending, not knowing when and if their FCRA will be renewed.

Now the Dept has finally come out stating that 18,523 such NGOs’ one or more annual returns from FY 2010-11 onwards are not available online, and till the same is not uploaded by them, their FCRA will not be renewed. Fact is that till now, submission of online annual returns were required only from FY 2014-15. However good news is that the Dept has allowed one month time 15th May to 14th June 2017 and that too without any Compounding Fee. Please note this waiver is available only if the returns are uploaded during this window of one month only.

Therefore all those cases whose FCRA is still not renewed, please go through the list available ‎on this link http://www.srr-foundation.org/circulars/fc_list_12052017.pdf. Alternatively you can ‎search it on FCRA website. Search by the registration number, and see which year registration ‎numbers need to be uploaded. This can be done in normal course through your user email id.

If you face any difficulties, please send a mail to fcrenewal-mha@gov.in .

Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO)
‎512 A, Deepshikha, 8 Rajendra Place, ‎
New Delhi – 110008‎

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